Being a Deacon is a wonderful call to service. Deacons are the “servants” or “caregivers” of the congregation. In our   congregation, our Deacons  minister to those who are   recovering from surgery, grieving, lonely, ill, unable to attend services or those who request visitations.  Their ministry is   the hands and heart of the Church.  Aside from assisting our shut-in members, our Deacons  provide showers  three days a week to our homeless  here in Red  Bluff.  Their ministry and hearts  are very appreciated by all.


This ministry  is elected by the congregation to look after the financial needs of the church.  From establishing a budget every year to setting fees for building use and providing oversight for safety concerns in the church this ministry looks after the welfare of the congregation.

Building & Grounds

This ministry  handles the maintenance and building needs of the church.  Installing a shower, building a new playground, putting in a patio with benches, and even looking after the Red Bank Cemetery that our church owns are a few of the ways this very busy ministry spends its time.  They also handle locking up on Sundays and organize all-church work days as needed.


Christian Education

 Overseeing the Christian formation of church members from the baby in the nursery to our senior citizens is a significant task.  This ministry works to ensure that meaningful classes are offered on Sunday mornings and during the week, and that special events that will nurture the growing faith of our church family are planned throughout the year.

Fellowship, Evangelism & Outreach

 Coffee hour on Sunday morning, a summer ice cream social, special events from concerts to luaus all fall under the purview of this ministry.  They help our church family get acquainted, stay connected and reach out to the community in many inviting ways.


Stewardship & Mission

Our congregation is committed to supporting the ongoing mission work of our denomination as well as finding ways to be active and involved in local missions.  This ministry helps to ensure that those things happen.  They are also in charge of inviting church members to make giving to this congregation a part of their regular worship experience through tithes and offerings, and finding unique opportunities for church members to put their faith into action through giving of time, talent and financial resources.

Memorial Ministry

We are sometimes the recipient of special gifts given in honor of a loved one.  The Memorial Ministry helps to ensure that this money is spent with care in a way that will build up the church and honor the memory of those who have passed.


Pastor & Personnel

This ministry provides care for the employees of the church.  From annual reviews that include an assessment of wages and compensation, to being attentive to the needs and concerns of staff members this ministry helps to ensure that we have a positive work environment for our staff.

Worship & Music

 Planning for the needs of the Sunday morning service from arranging for ushers and greeters to the serving of communion and the purchase of hymnals and music falls under the umbrella of this ministry.  They provide special help for our seasonal services such as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Christmas Eve.

Nominating Ministry

Every year the congregation nominates individuals to serve as church leaders.  The nominating ministry works to invite those individuals to serve our church as elders or deacons until we have a full slate of officers to then be elected by the congregation at a meeting in November.

Endowment Ministry

 It is possible to remember The Presbyterian Church of Red Bluff in your will, in a way that can make a difference to our congregation for generations to come.  Individuals can also contribute to our Endowment Fund at any time.  The Endowment Ministry  provides helpful information for those who might wish to give a lasting gift to the church.

Scholarship Ministry

We are pleased to be able to award a number of college scholarships each year.  The Scholarship ministry receives the applications, interviews applicants as needed, and determines what scholarships will be awarded each year.